Sandhill Baptist Church of Walterboro - Where God’s people are loving and serving God’s kingdom
Church Auxiliaries and/or Ministries and Leaders
  • Brotherhood           
  • Christian Education 
          Deacon Garner Ackerman 
  •  Deacon Board 
         Deacon Garner Ackerman
  • Kitchen Ministry  
         Lisa Stephens
  • Mother’s Board 
          Nellie Miller 
                   Willie M. Clayton
                   Dorothy White
                   Corrie Cooper
                   Louvenia Williams
                   Maybelle Jamison

  • Music Ministry 
         Caroline Clayton
  • Youth Choir 
          Wartina Ackerman
                         Kimberly Simmons
  •  Male Chorus 
          Deacon Garner Ackerman 
  •  Trustee Board 
        Kennerdy Hodges
  • Usher Board 
      Annie Thompson
  • Women’s Auxiliary 
      Evangelist Gloria Breland
  • Youth Ministry 
         Dr. Hazel Breland
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